Immunization and Vaccine Safety Resources

California Immunization Coalition
California Dept of Public Health, Immunization Branch
National Immunisation Program (Australia)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Immunization Action Coalition
Task Force for Child Survival and Development
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Vaccinate Your Family
The Vaccine Page
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases
 Immunize BC
National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance (NCIRS) and The University of Sydney
Vaccine Knowledge Project UK

Disease Information, Story Collections, and Support Groups


Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases, personal VPD testimonies
Vaccinate Your Family


PBS In Memoriam Stories
AARP Nursing Home Stories
American Hospital Assn. Vaccine Stories
American Hospital Assn. Stories form the Frontline Healthcare Workers
American Lung Assn. COVID Stories
COVID Survivors for Change
COVID Support Group
Long COVID Support
Long COVID Kids
COVID 19 Survivor Diaries
Politico: 19 Stories of COVID Survivors from Spain
Understanding Long COVID: Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health
Medical Reel COVID-19 Long Haul Stories
Voces of a Pandemic Project, Iowa State University (Latinx oral histories)

HPV-Related Cancers

American Cancer Society Stories of Hope
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
National HPV Vaccine Roundtable
HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation
HPV and Me


Stanford University – Asian Liver Foundation
Hep B Moms
The Hepatitis B Foundation


Families Fighting Flu
American Lung Association


Meningitis Angels
Meningitis B Action Project
Meningitis Foundation of Canada
National Meningitis Association
National Association of School Nurses


Community-Based Research Centre


Post-Polio Health International
Salk Institute


RSV Consortium in Europe (RESCEU)


Stop Shingles campaign

Foundations and Tribute Organizations

Measles and Rubella Initiative
Dana McCaffery (pertussis)
Light for Riley
Meningitis Awareness Key to Prevention
Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation (cervical cancer)
Team Maureen (HPV)
Ian’s Rainbow Flu Foundation
Brady’s Cause (pertussis)
The Chelsea Oliver Foundation (pertussis)
Baby Lore and Other Little Victims of Pertussis

The California Immunization Coalition (CIC) greatly appreciates our colleague organizations and their contributions to raising awareness of vaccine-preventable diseases. CIC does not intend links on the Shot by Shot website to be referrals or endorsements of the linked entities, and are provided for convenience only.

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Stories put a face on vaccine-preventable diseases. Our collection of videos and written stories is an education and awareness resource for your patients, colleagues, students, clients, and community.