Shot by Shot: Stories of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases project (Shot by Shot)

Shot by Shot: Stories of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases is a collection of stories from people who have been touched by vaccine-preventable diseases. With the success of vaccines, we don’t see diseases like meningitis, polio, and hepatitis as often as our parents or grandparents did, but the diseases still touch people in our own communities and cause a huge amount of suffering and death worldwide. Shot by shot’s storybank of real-life stories, told by survivors, family members, friends, and health care providers, brings first-hand experiences to new generations. Personal stories touch us, educate us, and remind us of the value of prevention.  Read our latest ShotByShot Round-up newsletter.

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Stories put a face on vaccine-preventable diseases. Our collection of videos and written stories is an education and awareness resource for your patients, colleagues, students, clients, and community.