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Stories put a face on vaccine-preventable diseases. Our collection of videos and written stories is an education and awareness resource for your patients, colleagues, students, clients, and community.

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Gianna’s Story
We had just passed the holidays at our home in Sioux Falls, SD. Me, my husband Jared, son Ethan, ....
Matthew’s Story
It was a little more than a year ago. It was January and I was at my house with ....
Marty’s Story
Feeling Sick It was just around the holidays 2014 and I was happy to be coming home to Mitchell, ....
A Hib Story
One family shares their struggles with Hib. (Courtesy of PKIDs)
Scarlet’s Story
Rebecca’s daughter Scarlet got sick. It seemed like a cold. Scarlet ended up in the ICU.  She never came ....
Gigi’s Story
Gigi, a school teacher, thought working with kids made her invincible to germs.  The flu landed Gigi in the ....