Stories remind us of the value of prevention in ways that data alone cannot.

Shot by Shot stories are graciously made available for you to incorporate into training, education, and awareness efforts in your own community.

Consider these ideas to use the stories.

Use Our Story Infographics!

Our growing collection of story infographics is perfect for sharing on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. The social media sharing icons are just a click away in the story gallery, where you can sort infographics by disease and age. Check-out and share our infographics to share awareness about vaccine-preventable diseases in bite-sized pieces for observances like National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) or other events throughout the year.

Enhancing Your Website?

Shot by Shot stories can enhance the issues important to your organization. Rotating stories are an easy way to keep your web content fresh and keep visitors wanting to come back.

Real World Examples:

Creating New Media Content? is designed to facilitate video sharing via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. Video sharing exponentially extends the reach of the stories and their messages as you share them with your friends, and colleagues – and encourage them to keep sharing!

Real World Examples:

  • Link to a video on your Facebook page
  • Tweet about a video or the Shot by Shot project
  • Include a story in your blog post or electronic newsletter
  • See examples

Giving a Lecture or Training?

Include a Shot by Shot story in a lecture or training to make your data more meaningful and memorable. Use it as a learning tool for students of all ages, as well as for medical schools and other allied medical professional training programs.

Real World Examples:

  • Show a video at a presentation for physicians, medical assistants, and more
  • Train professionals who conduct home visits
  • Share a video at a provider appreciation luncheon, to show the value of their work
  • See examples

Reaching Out to the Public with an Event or Project?

Start with a Shot by Shot video to grab people’s attention and bring the real impact of vaccine-preventable diseases to life. Make it easy for the media to cover your event and frame it as a human interest piece by making a Shot by Shot DVD and including it in your press packet.

Real World Examples:

  • Create a DVD to show in waiting rooms
  • Show a video at a NIAM event
  • Show a video at a PTA event
  • See examples

Teaching a Course?

Make Shot by Shot a class project. Review the videos, read the kits, and help find and videotape people’s stories of vaccine-preventable diseases. Organize a story campaign or contest to collect more Shot by Shot stories. 

Doing Advocacy Work?

Often decisions are made with our hearts, as well as our heads. Shot by Shot stories can help you connect the heart and the mind. A Shot by Shot story can help policymakers and other officials better understand the real-life impact of vaccine-preventable diseases.  See The Hepatitis B Foundation’s Discussion Guide as one example of stories in action.

Email us at and let us know how you are using the stories. We look forward to highlighting partner efforts on our website!

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Stories put a face on vaccine-preventable diseases. Our collection of videos and written stories is an education and awareness resource for your patients, colleagues, students, clients, and community.