The Shot By Shot videos really reinforced the importance of educating and encouraging parents to vaccinate their children. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video that tells a true personal story is worth a million! Thank you for allowing me to share these stories with caring staff who have the opportunity to encourage parents to vaccinate their kids!

Christina Jensen, RN
Head Start Wisconsin

The Shot by Shot stories generated many feelings and many tears. Nobody was sitting on the fence about the need for flu vaccines when we got done. Thank you.

Kotty Martin, PHN
Public Health Department, Tehama County Health Services Agency, Red Bluff, CA

The audience were able to come away from the presentation understanding the importance of the HPV vaccine, and the impact of using stories as positive motivation for driving vaccine compliance.

Kristen Presleigh, MPH
CenCal Health

The stories helped very much in making the information real to the staff that attended the in-service.

Judi Van Hulzen, RN
Marion County Public Health

Excellent! May make some nonbelievers of the seriousness of vaccine preventable diseases believers!

Kim Moore
Public Health Nurse, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Seeing the personal stories of families impacted by vaccine-preventable diseases truly hits home and absolutely increases awareness of these terrible diseases and the benefits of vaccination.

Kara Anderson
UPS Program Manager training for flu shots

Facing Influenza” was shown at our Coalition meeting which consisted of healthcare providers and other community partners. The response was great. Providers asked where did we get the video? How can we show it to other providers at our staff and other meetings? They thought it was timely. Healthcare providers want to use the video to encourage their office staff to promote flu vaccine as well as other vaccines. All participants were encouraged to go to the shotbyshot website and view other videos and testimonials. Thank you to all who have share their stories. These stories provide valuable information.

Cassandra Lynch
Inland Empire Immunization Coalition

Shot By Shot was an awesome resource I used while researching materials for my book. The real life stories of people affected by vaccine preventable diseases were powerful and put a face to an important issue. I highly recommend Shot By Shot.

Ethan Posard
Author, The Shots Book

I used a video to emphasize the importance of vaccinating in a presentation to rural clinics. I also let attendees know that the Shot By Shot website is a good place to direct parents/patients or to access videos themselves to learn about the risks of vaccine preventable diseases and what can happen when you choose not to vaccinate.

Nicole Freeto
Washington State Department of Health Olympia, WA

I used a Shot by Shot story for a presentation for a class at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The focus was on global health issues. The Shot by Shot “Facing Influenza” story was a meaningful way to communicate the impact of vaccine-preventable diseases within the United States.

Julya Miner, RN
St. Luke’s Health System, Boise ID

I use Shot By Shot stories in our clinic to illustrate how infectious diseases like measles and pertussis impact real people, especially when parents decline a specific vaccine for their child. I also use these stories when sending out weekly letters to the Chester County Coalition members to again illustrate the severity of these infectious diseases and the importance of immunizations in reducing morbidity and mortality. I have read that people who have had a loved one suffer and/or die from an infectious disease report that “no one ever explained how serious these diseases can be.” These stories help us to never be guilty of this.

Laura Harbage, PHN
Chester County Health Department, West Chester, PA
Chair, Chester County Immunization Coalition

I am always looking for new information for teaching my Baby Steps classes for high risk moms. I have found the stories very helpful, because it is easy for the moms and dads to relate. Holding the class’ attention has never been a problem when I have used your stories. Thank you for making them available.

Sharon Brown, LPN
Central district Health Department. Boise, ID

I appreciated Shot by Shot making Gavin’s Story available to present at a statewide conference. It was easy to request, quickly sent to us, and easy to use. Thank you!

Kayla Rypien, Early Childhood Coordinator
Utah Immunization Program, Salt Lake City, UT

Many younger parents, child care advocates, teachers and health care professionals may not have seen people with vaccine-preventable diseases. They have not been exposed to the personal pain and heart breaking stories of people who have experienced these diseases. We have used Shot by Shot stories during talks we give about the importance of immunizing and following the ACIP recommended schedule. These stories bring more awareness about vaccine-preventable diseases to audiences in a personal way.

Leslie Greenwood, RN, PHN
Alameda County Public Health Department, Oakland, CA

Mono County has used Shot by Shot stories for various purposes over the last few years. I have provided trainings for child care providers regarding immunizations for their preschoolers and also how providers can protect themselves against vaccine-preventable diseases. Using Shot by Shot stories illustrates the often life or death consequences of diseases. It’s very powerful, moving, and impactful. We’ve also used Shot by Shot stories for presentations to our Board of Supervisors. Opening a presentation with a pertussis story gained their attention immediately and illustrated the importance of public health’s role in decreasing vaccine-preventable diseases and the life-saving impact of immunizations.

Hillary Bayliss, RN, PHN
Mono County Health Department, Mammoth Lakes, CA

Love the website and the stories. They are so powerful. We were planning a training in conjunction with Cerro Gordo County Public Health called “Needle a Provider, Save a Child.” We plan to use the stories when our training is ready.

Wendy Taylor, RN
North Iowa Community Action Organization, Mason City, IA

Storytelling is a critical part of immunization education and communication. Personal stories are powerful and can be very effective in helping parents understand the importance of vaccine and Shot by Shot plays an important role in this educational effort. Shot by Shot provides an incredible repository of personal stories to aid public health professionals and medical providers in their efforts to educate parents about vaccines. They are organized, quick to respond, and passionate about this effort.

Rachel Cunningham, MPH
Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, TX

Tucson Medical Center feels strongly about the importance of vaccines. While we use local stories to promote protecting our children through vaccination, additional resources like Shot by Shot provide powerful and accessible examples for our social media audience and help support healthy choices in our community. Thank you!

Rachel Miller
Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, AZ

One of the trainings presented to child care providers by the Child Care Nurse Consultants in Iowa is called “Save a Baby, Needle a Provider: Pertussis and Influenza” Real-life stories from Shot by Shot of those who never thought a vaccine preventable disease could devastate their lives is highly motivating to our child care providers to get fully immunized. Following the training we give Tdap and influenza vaccinations to those who haven’t already received them and meet screening guidelines.

Jean Randolph RN, BSN
Child Care Nurse Consultant
Hawkeye Area Community Action Program, Hiawatha, IA
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Stories put a face on vaccine-preventable diseases. Our collection of videos and written stories is an education and awareness resource for your patients, colleagues, students, clients, and community.