See how others have been using Shot by Shot stories in their communities.

Include a Story Page on Your Website

The San Francisco Department of Health incorporated a story page into their adult immunization website. The stories brought to life the text content on their site.

Feature a “Video of the Week” on Your Homepage

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) featured a Shot by Shot cervical cancer video on their homepage in January 2011 to call attention to Cervical Health Awareness Month. Their rotating Videos of the Week are a great way to keep web content fresh.

Include a Widget on Your Home Page

The Immunization Action Coalition included a Shot by Shot project widget on their website. Use this to make vaccine-preventable disease stories a click away, right from your own site.

Link to a Video on Your Facebook Page was designed to facilitate video sharing and expand the reach of the stories and their messages. Many individuals and organizations have posted videos to their Facebook pages.Use your Facebook page to link to and describe stories that many people can relate to. Encourage others to view and share the stories widely.

Incorporate a Story into a Blog Post

To call attention to the serious impact of pertussis in California’s Latino community, a central valley reporter featured 2 Shot by Shot videos in her Harvesting Health blog targeting the Latino community in the San Joaquin Valley.

Feature Shot by Shot in Your Electronic Newsletters

A number of states and counties have written about in their organizations’ newsletters. Articles can be written about the project or a particular disease. Videos can easily be featured in your article, adding interest and pulling readers into the topic.

Include a Story in Your Electronic Curriculum

The University of Albany School of Public Health used two stories to “enhance” their “The Best of: Immunization Training for Nurses DVD, volume 2.” Another organization included a story in an online vaccine safety curriculum for pediatric residents, bringing home the importance of the information conveyed.

Introduce Your Live Lectures or Trainings with a Video

Shot by Shot videos and slides have been used in professional presentations to medical assistants, physicians, and more. One mid-West state used a video to train professionals who conduct home visits. Shot by Shot has been shared at a provider appreciation luncheon to remind providers of the valuable work they do.

Create a Targeted DVD for Waiting Rooms, etc.

Los Angeles County used a Shot by Shot video in their pertussis education video. The video was posted to their YouTube channel and is going to be shown in clinic waiting rooms. Multiple organizations have requested videos to include in targeted DVDs to be shown in clinic, hospital, and physician office waiting rooms.Videos have been shown at PTA meetings and awareness month events.
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